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Fall, 2005 – Finland, Norway and Russia

In Moscow now, and it’s true: these Russians can drink some vodka. Here’s two pix from Norway, where we were in Svalbard. It was way too freaking cold and always dark with a brutal wind. I’m talking icepick in your ear cold, and I’m from freaking Fairbanks, Alaska so I […]

Greetings from St. Charles, Illinois!

One of our favorite new stops is Chord on Blues, a club that features cool tunes and great groceries. A fine establishment.February 7, 2003 – Chord on Blues St. Charles, IL photos: © 2003 Chuck Winnans,

Rufus lives! …

date:12/31/02 Shake It, Pt.2 features the late great Memphis soul/blues singer and influential WDIA disc jockey Rufus Thomas. Hipper radio stations across the country have followed up on the lead of Los Angeles’ own influential KCRW, Detroit’s WDET, XM Satellite Radio and many others by adding this tune to their […]

Reviews for Lookout (Black Top, 1996)

“Most of the blues albums that cross my CD player tend to follow trails already blazed by Stevie Ray Vaughan or B.B. King. The newer albums have large elements of virtuosity and energy, but something seems to be missing–something like originality. So it was a surprising pleasure to discover Lookout […]