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Back on the road 2018

We’ll be riding the pine on many airplanes this spring, summer & fall…from the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. to SPACE in Evanston to all over Europe and Canada…might be delirious, loopy & generally zombie-like…but happy to see you!

New Mavis CD Coming…

New Mavis Staples CD will be released November 17th on ANTI Records.Read all about it here… http://www.anti.com/artists/mavis-staples/

2017 Bob Dylan/Mavis Staples…

Check the Tour Dates section for a complete listing of fall 2017 Bob Dylan/Mavis Staples shows. We start in Salt Lake City and wind our way all over the midwest and east coast of the U.S. Hope to see you when we get to your town. It’s a long run, […]

Kennedy Center Honors Mavis

Mavis Staples was thrilled to be chosen as a Kennedy Center honoree, one of President Obama’s last, in November of 2016. Here she talks with the New York Times about it…

Rolling Stone picks …

Rolling Stone picks Living On A High Note as one of the top records of 2016. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/pictures/45-best-albums-of-2016-so-far-20160620/mavis-staples-livin-on-a-high-note-20160615

Alaska Dates

We’ll be heading north for shows in Anchorage May 19 at Wendy Williamson Auditorium and May 21 at Juneau Jazz & Classics. We’ve never played in Alaska with Mavis. Looking forward to seeing friends and family!

Living On A High Note

The new record is called Living On A High Note and it’s out on Anti Records now. Everyone in the band plays and sings all over it. M. Ward produced and it was recorded here in LA at Kingsize Recorders. It’s a fun, joyous record featuring songs by different young […]

Touring with Bob Dylan summer 2016

Yep, that’s right, we’ll be touring with Bob Dylan this summer. Check the Tour Dates section for more details. From the pacific northwest to the south, midwest and east coast…we’ll be in your town soon…hope to see ya! Photo courtesy ofRob Garland Photographers