Get It! comes out March 4th, 2022

“The blues artists I backed when I was younger all had me play instrumentals to open the show,” says Rick Holmstrom. “Some nights I’d play 4 or 5 of ‘em. It was all part of the build up to a spicy show. You’d try to play something that got folks pumped for the headliner. In blues and soul music there’s a rich tradition of instrumental music… T-Bone Walker, Bill Doggett, Freddie King, Albert Collins, Gatemouth Brown, the MGs, the Meters and many more… so I’ve had a foot in this world all along. I like the challenge of trying to say something without words, to grab people’s ears with just melody, groove and dynamics.”

Built on that foundation, Get it! is an exciting set of burners bringing all the style and charm Holmstrom’s trio conjures nightly with Mavis Staples. “We made this record for good times… BBQs, parties, car rides… lots of 2½ minute songs…it was a blast to make,” Holmstrom says. Holmstrom and his bandmates, Steve Mugalian and Gregory Boaz, produced Get It! in various studios and garages throughout LA. “Most of it was recorded in Steve’s garage,” he says, “…and why not, garages and funky joints are where we play our best shit anyway.”

On January 14th, the first single “Erlee Time” was released, featuring Mugalian’s Meters–y snapping snare drum, Boaz’s bubbly bassline and Holmstrom’s minimalistic, no frills guitar. Says Holmstrom, “I’ve had enough existential post-apocalyptic doom. Right now I just want to have a funky good time!”

Get It! debuts March 4, with the first single, “Erlee Time” available for preview on Apple Music, Spotify and Bandcamp. Watch the video for “Erlee Time” below.