Santa Monica Pier Mayhem!

Posted 07/27/06

We had ourselves a ball, even without the aid of spirits, riot police or helicopters last week at the Santa Monica Pier show with Mavis Staples! We played our set, and despite the fact that we were in the dreaded opening slot, we managed to get an enthusiastic reception from the thousands of cool breeze seeking LA folks. Then it got interesting... Mavis Staples' band was delayed at the airport, so we ended up playing 3 or 4 songs with her until her band arrived. Quite a thrill! Freedom Highway, The Weight, Will The Circle Be Unbroken and maybe one other. A nerve-wracking, inspiring, fun and soul-infused 20 or so minutes with a legend! Once the band arrived we ended up meeting a fired-up Ry Cooder backstage, who loved it and gave us all big heads with his kind words. In all, it almost makes up for all the crap you put up with in normal everday mule-cision life! Oh, and by the way, Mavis was amazing!