Reviews for Gonna Get Wild

Posted 06/30/05

Rick's second album drew favorable comparisons to Texas greats like Johnny "Guitar" Watson.

Gonna Get Wild (Tone Cool, 2000)

"The most refreshing quality about Holmstrom is the fact that he delivers music with technical savvy and traditional stylings without sacrificing originality and pure adventure. His knack for creating a melody line is unparalleled, and his open attitude toward varied musical genres paint a clear image of greatness in Holmstrom's near future."

"At times his playing shows strikingly gritty traces of Texas greats like Johnny "Guitar" Watson; at other times his vocals summon up Lowell Fulson or the joy and life of any of the singers for Huey "Piano" Smith. Through this lively and entertaining set, the arrangements are sharp and the lyrics and songs often upbeat...chalk this one up as another fine set of jumping West Coast R&B/blues."