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RH & Booker T

Posted 04/11/09

Rick toured with legendary STAX soul organ monster Booker T for 3 weeks in spring 2009 in support of Booker's Grammy winning CD Potato Hole. The tour started on the east coast, then over to the Netherlands, back to San Francisco and all up into the great Northwest. The band included buddies Ronnie James Weber & Troy Gonyea, alumnus of the Fabulous T-Bird's.

Raves for live Mavis disc!

Posted 01/21/09

" 'We've come tonight to bring you some joy, some happiness, inspiration and some positive vibrations!' Mavis Staples tells the audience at Chicago's Hideout club, a promise she stylishly fulfills in a set drawn predominantly from last year's Ry Cooder produced We'll Never Turn Back album of civil rights anthems and blues.

Anonymous guitar man in Pittsburgh...

Posted 12/04/07

A soggy someone posted this live clip of RHB powering through pouring down rain at the 2007 Diversity Festival in Pittsburgh, PA. That's Rick, Hodges and Jeff. You can also see Yvonne Staples, Donny Gerrard and Chavonne Morris (backup singers with Mavis) clapping hands in the back. And of course that's Mavis Staples' HUGE voice urging the band on! It's a cool clip. Check it...