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New Mavis...go get it!

Posted 09/13/10

Mavis Staples' new disc comes out September 14, 2010. Produced by Wilco's Jeff Tweedy, "You Are Not Alone" and was recorded last winter in Chicago at Wilco's The Loft studio and features the "smoking hot" (Tweedy quote in L.A. Times) RHB on every track. Here's a little taste of the early reaction to the record...

"A joyful rejuvenation." -- L.A. Times (Todd Martens)

New Mavis CD featuring RHB due out...

Posted 05/25/10

Mavis Staples new CD, which features Rick, Hodge and Jeff, is due to be released late summer/early fall on Anti Records. The record was produced by Jeff Tweedy (of Wilco) and is a killer. Look for it in all the finest record stores (there's at least one in LA), online shopping bazaar's (bizzare's?) and of course coffee shops and car washes.