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Mavis and Rick at LBJRick in winter scene with huskyRHB in restaurantRHB in performance

New Studio CD Coming...

Posted 01/06/07

Stay tuned for news of Rick's upcoming studio release on MC Records...scheduled for spring 2007...a raw, stripped down recording with Stephen Hodges on drums and glockenspiel, Jeff Turmes on bass, guitar, sax and backing vocals. The record was recorded, mixed and mastered in a matter of days and represents the Rick Holmstrom Band in all its greasy glory!

Hollywood Fats Band is back & kickin' some major...

Posted 08/21/06

BOOTAY! That's right...Al Blake, Larry Taylor, Fred Kaplan and Richard Innes are back as the Hollywood Blue Flames (with me as the chump playing guitar while the ghost of Fats darts around the stage yelling "WRONG!"). But hey, it's exciting to play with this group. Back to the roots, underneath the superficial, taking our shoes off and ridin' on the low side of the road.

Santa Monica Pier Mayhem!

Posted 07/27/06

We had ourselves a ball, even without the aid of spirits, riot police or helicopters last week at the Santa Monica Pier show with Mavis Staples! We played our set, and despite the fact that we were in the dreaded opening slot, we managed to get an enthusiastic reception from the thousands of cool breeze seeking LA folks. Then it got interesting...